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Our Queens

Pepsi - Sorrel Somali, TICA Champion
Born: May 2021

Sheridan - Black Silver SomaliTICA Quadruple Grand Champion
Born: February 2022

Fanta - Fawn Abyssinian , TICA Triple Grand Champion
Born: January 2022

Brandy- Ruddy Somali,
Grand Champion LCWW, Best Junior LCWW Toronto March 2024. Born June 2023

Grappa- Fawn Abyssinian , LCWW Champion. born June 2023


Evian -Ruddy Somali,  LCWW Champion.  born June 2023

Margarita- Fawn Abyssinian,
TICA Champion
born February 2023


Our Future Queens: Chacha & Kissel
Cinnamon & Blue Abyssinians

Born: November 2023, February 2024

Chacha- LCWW best kitten and Best cat of the Show in New York, May 2024

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